Clean Cotton Snap Bar

Clean Cotton Snap Bar

• Clean Cotton •
An invigorating and refreshing scent. An amazing aroma of fresh crisp linen, combined with eucalyptus, blossom and cut grass. The ultimate in fresh aromas.

All Snap bars are handmade and hand poured with 100% soy wax

They are packaged in glassine paper, making them fully recyclable. ♻️

The snap bars are highly scented, using the highest percentage of fragrance.The strength of the hot throw will depend on the burner used.

Place a tealight in your burner, then snap 2 squares off your bar and place on burner... then relax and enjoy the smell.

Scent will last up to 9 hours per 2 squares, thats 3 full burns of 3 tealights. 

CLP Compliant ✔

Approx weight 50g