About our Packaging

Our plastic free and recyclable packaging

When selecting our packaging, we try our utmost hardest to source recyclable, using as little plastic as possible. Any plastic used is recycled plastic from our own purchases, that we then pass on to the next person and we hope our customers will do the same with the recycled plastic they receive off us in their order. 
Our soaps are wrapped in pretty recyclable paper and around that we have tied some jute string, attached is a piece of card with the scent on. This is also recyclable. 

Our 100% eco soy wax melts are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard tube with paper stickers on.The 100% eco soy wax snapbars aren't wrapped in any plastic/cellophane like usual ones on the market. They are packaged in glassine paper.
We hope our customers appreciate the efforts we have gone to, to help reduce the plastic waste and damages we are causing to our planet.